We bring craft and creativity to STEM toys 


Our mission is to bridge the big pink and blue divide in the toy section. 
Craft and creativity toys are designed to appeal to girls. STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) toys are designed to appeal to boys. Our toy kits are designed for both girls and boys, and they develop the creative and logical sides of the brain.


Make unique nightlight houses, talking stuffed animals and animatronic tails

Wondernik kits encourage creativity and self-expression through clay modeling, sewing and drawing. They also help develop analytical thinking skills through building circuits that light up, make sounds and move. 



Build circuits       with a snap

Connect batteries, LEDS, speakers, motors, switches, buttons and microcontrollers with a simple snap. 

Wondernik video title pages v2-22.png

Make it                 your own

Make truly unique toys and gain
new skills by sculpting, sewing
and drawing. 

Encourage nimble thinking

Connecting the analytical and creative parts of the brain allows for more clever thinking.